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Clinton R. Nixon (creator of great games like Urge, Donjon, and Paladin) has done it again with The Shadow of Yesterday (TSOY). The revised edition has been released at the Official TSOY Site as both a print release and free under the Creative Commons License.


Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where the creation of a moon has ravaged cultures and thrown the fate of the earth into question, TSOY resembles HeroQuest as written by Emily Bronte. The mechanics are engineered to throw character-focused story to the forefront. (This is where it deviates the most from HQ - it's less about religion and more about love and friendship.)

This game rocks.

RandomWiki has (through dumb luck and a little aggressive data collection) become something of a repository of rules information on various indie games. We are happy to perform this small service, and we are proud that Clinton has asked us to host a wiki for The Shadow of Yesterday as well.

A Note From the Author

I've chosen to have this wiki on RandomWiki for many reasons, but the most major one is that they agree with me on licensing. You'll note that this site uses Creative Commons licensing. The only difference between the licensing here and the licensing in the official game is that here it's non-commercial, so no one can sell your words here. Be aware, though, that any text here is completely usable in non-commercial projects.

I hope you enjoy The Shadow of Yesterday, and feel free to submit new Abilities, Secrets, Keys, or anything else you come up with!


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