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Spirit of the Century

Fate v2



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"The fight to save the century begins now! Are you in or out?"

The Great War is over and the world is a darker place, rippling under the surface with unseen dangers dangers of which few are even aware. In the skies over Europe, Doctor Methuselah's fleet of time-zeppelins assemble to rip open a path to an unimaginable future. Gorilla Khan stalks darkest Africa from his throne in conquered Atlantis, pledging the destruction of the human race . Across the globe, dark shadows reach towards the hearts of the brave, their every intent to silence the hope of a new century struggling to survive.

One organization stands in their way.

The Century Club!

... is a pulp pick-up game using the Spirit of the Century system. That means a game influenced by the pulps (rather than the later noir genre) - serial adventures of the early Twentieth Century starring iconic characters like Doc Savage and The Shadow, and echoed today in movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Rocketeer.

We're aiming for each session to be relatively self-contained, so that the players participating each session can change with no real problems. The characters are all affiliated with the Century Club, and this loose structure provides continuity, while allowing the freedom to create nearly any sort of adventure and include whomever shows up that week to play.

The idea here is to get a regularly scheduled game going with the specific day, locale, participants, and even the GM changing as we go, depending on who can make it that week.

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