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Spirit of the Century

Fate v2



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  • Misfit Genius
  • "I can totally fix that."
  • Collector
  • "In the Name of Science!"
  • Sure She's Right
  • Moxie the Mutant Cat
  • "No, Really, This Will Work"
  • Doesn't Give Up
  • Oblivious to Danger...and Vice Versa


  • Superb: Resolve
  • Great: Science, Engineering
  • Good: Academics, Mysteries, Resources
  • Fair: Guns, Burglary, Investigation, Pattern
  • Average: Sleight of Hand, Survival, Endurance, Intimidation, Athletics


Universal Gadget (Moxie)
Scientific Genius (Biology / Adaptations)
Scientific Invention
Weird Science
Mad Science

Health: 6 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Composure: 8 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]




Phase One: Early Life
Aspects: Misfit Genius, "I can totally fix that!"
Pulling wings off flies & reattaching them to ants. Admitted to University very young; youngest ever BARRED from University. Decided University was a bunch of closed-minded, slow-thinking idiots, researched alone.

Phase Two: The Great War
Aspects: Collector, "In the name of science!"
Pulling wings off eagles & reattaching them to lions. Built Great Tower of Magnified Manipulations, but funding collapsed with Eric's death. Decided bureaucracy was a bunch of closed-minded, slow-thinking idiots, carried on alone.

Phase Three (novel): No Fear of Thunder
Aspects: Sure She's Right, Moxie the Mutant Cat
Roxie Silica leaves the comforts of her lab in search of lost researches and rare victtest subjects! Can she engineer the perfect companion? Or will she find that behind the thunder lies deadly lightning?

Phase Four (guest starring in The Rose Paradox):
Aspects: "No, Really, This 'Will Work,"
Found first human subject, splices firefly phosphor into fingers to help Rose explore dark places and read lat at night.

Phase Five (guest starring in Demons of the Sky):
Aspects: Doesn't Give Up, Oblivious to Danger...and Vice Versa
Pretended to be a wealthy tourist to explore Mayan temples. Doesn't find what she's looking for, but clues guide her later to Incans (see chapter 5 in No Fear of Thunder.)

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