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Spirit of the Century

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  • Stumbles Over Secrets
  • Dreamer-Doodler-Designer
  • Itchy Trigger Finger
  • Good With Children
  • Hidden Powers
  • Light-up Fingertips
  • Staunch Loyalist (of what is Right!)
  • Investigator
  • Occult Instincts
  • Just Paranoid...Enough Caine's Catspaw


  • Superb: Mysteries
  • Great: Investigation, Guns
  • Good: Pattern, Intimidation, Survival
  • Fair: Art, Engineering, Resolve, Alertness
  • Average: Endurance, Contacting, Burglary, Gambling


  • Psychic
  • Demolitions
  • Quick Draw
  • Secrets of the Arcane [Sorcery: Light]
  • Theory in Practice [Sorcery]

Health: 6 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Composure: 6 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]




Phase One: Early Life
Aspects: Stumbles Over Secrets, Dreamer-Doodler-Designer
Remember that kid who didn't really pay attention in class to what was being discussed and was doodling other things and playing little games with the pen & paper? That was Rose. She had a morbid fascination with occult war histories, especially how magic and magical items changed the course of battles, ESPECIALLY if wielded by secret societies outside the people known to be in charge. Would have enjoyed wargames.

Phase Two: The Great War
Patron: Caine
Aspects: Itchy Trigger Finger, Good With Children
There Rose was, illustrating children's books, coming up with all sorts of fun things in the backgrounds, when the war hit. Do you know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night with someone shaking a doodle of yours that you were SURE you threw away? And then harangues you for not being battle ready? Rose does.

Phase Three (novel: The Rose Paradox)
Aspects: Hidden Powers, Light-up Fingertips
The First Petal Falls...
Deep within the darkness was an ancient threat, but thanks to Roxie Silica, Rose wasn't afraid of the dark. She wouldn't wilt against the forces of forgotten evil!
The Second Petal Falls...
But what weakens resolve except finding love, forbidden love in her quest for knowledge? Love that her advisor, voice of cynicism, Miriam Holmes, says craves power...power the Rose may possess.

Phase Four (guest starring in: A Darkness Within)
Aspects: Staunch Loyalist (of the Right!), Investigator
Having accidentally discovered that one of her designs was being used for internal "foul play," Rose reveals to Miriam Holmes her suspicions and helps weed out the potential culprits.

Phase Five (guest starring in: No Fear of Thunder)
Aspects: Occult Instincts, Caine's Catspaw.
Rose finds that science is strong, but darkness sometimes knows no logic - to Roxie Silica's dismay and Rose's own suspicions.


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