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This page is the central repository of all information related to the Greater Toronto Indie RPG Group's ongoing Donjon activities in Toronto, Ontario.

Current GM is Hans. Current players are Sonja, Piers, Mark, Erik, Axel.

Here are some things that came up in our discussion about the setting:

  • Rocketships have to look like ROCKETSHIPS, with sleek shapes, fins, sparklers sticking out their butts, etc.
  • Rayguns need to look like RAYGUNS
  • Flash Gordon-esque, but updates ala transhumanist stuff (Iain Banks) are also possible
  • Set in Solar System, with the caveat that every planet/moon in the solar system is not only inhabitable in some way, but also inhabited
  • Lots of planet hopping
  • First person who brings up a law of physics to say something can't happen gets kicked out

Unfortunately, as of October 23, 2006 Donjon in Toronto is at a halt, due to a number of reasons. I'll post the rest of my prep stuff out here sometime. Hans Skalchemist October 23, 2006, at 01:58 PM


First Adventure: "Lucky" Hepburn and the Zeppelins of Saturn

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