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Complicated History

Suzannah was raised in a dirty, half-Faithful, half-false-faithed mining town (Folded Corners?), on the edge of the mountains. When the town was hit by a large, organized group of Mountain People? led by a one-eyed old man, her family's oh-so-strict kin in more civilized parts whispered that the sinners had it coming.

When they found out Suzannah had survived, they took it on themselves to raise her to be a Dog, so that she could atone for the horrible (alleged) sins of her upbringing.


Acuity5d6Precise and accurate, with an eye that observes everything.
Body4d6Strong and slender-wiry. Quick thing, too.
Heart2d6Withdrawn and reserved, a bit, and, beneath that, more uncertain of herself than others would give credit.
Will5d6Determined, though. She's a survivor, both from her childhood and, in her own way, from her youth.


Women should know women's work.1d4Her aunt taught her womanly things, harshly enough for her to be a bit resentful, well enough for her to have bought in to the line.
Y'cain't trust no Mountain People?.1d4Some folks say y'can, that some of them are special, good people, favored by the King. But I seen them. I seen what they done ...
Jollity is disprespect to the King of Life.1d4Her aunt and uncle, and most of their community, were not jolly folks.
Grand Uncle Isaiah was a Dog, and he brought honor to the family.1d4Auntie used to tell me stories about him -- and how it was up to me to try and live up to his memory.
I must atone for my parents' death.1d10Another lesson her family taught her, coupled with guilt for surviving them. There must have been a purpose, after all.
Shoot once, and trust the King of Life.1d10That's what Auntie says Grand Uncle Isaiah used to say. That's why she had the menfolk teach me how to shoot, and shoot well.
I gotta try.2d6No matter what, I cain't give up.
I've friends among the Sisters.1d6(Initiation) The other girls, they sorta look to me. Don't rightly know why -- but it feels ... nice.


Uncle Owen1d6He done provided for me, though he didn't care much for his sister, my ma, nor the man she upped and married. He's a cold, hard man, but he done keep a roof over my head, and food in my belly.
Aunt Beulah2d6She did most of the raisin' of me, taught me how to behave, taught me what the King of Life had in mind for me.
My poor, dead parents1d8What I do, I do for them. Sometimes it's hard to remember what they looked like, but I remember them smiling, some. I hope they're smiling on me now.
The Dogs are what the King of Life has chosen for me.1d8That's what Aunt Beulah taught me, and about Isaiah, and I reckon it's so, for He did spare me for some purpose, and this is the best I can think of.


Her coat2d6Made by Aunt Beulah, Suzannah's coat is an unremitting black: black wool covered with passages from the Book of Life embroidered over every inch... in black thread (anything too colorful would be unseemly). The passages all serve to remind her of the duty she must do and the sins those in her protection might commit if she is lax.
Isaiah's Thundering Rifle2d8
Aunt Beulah -- 'twas her pa -- gave it to me. Said she hoped some of Isaiah's honor would "rub off on me."
A decently crafted but unexceptional shooting iron.
Her father's big knife1d8This was, surprisingly, given to Suzannah by Uncle Owen; it was originally a wedding gift to Owen from Suzannah's father (the mining town's blacksmith). Owen never really liked his wife's brother very much, and was more than happy to give the knife to "the girl" and be done with it.
Locket with her mother's picture1d4Belonged to her father. A cheap trinket, but all she has left of them.
Small rag doll1d4I had it as a child. When they found me, it's what I was holding to me, tryin' to protect it from them wild folk. It's all I have that's truly mine.
Horse1d6"Keeper" is, of course, black. He is otherwise unremarkable.
Jar of consecrated earth1d6 
Book of Life1d6 

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