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Eli is a convert to the Faith -- a man with a dark past and a nasty reputation as a bandit and a killer. Eli found himself called to the King of Life by way of Sister Anna Patience, an older woman who nursed him back to health after he was left for dead in the mountains by the "men" he'd ridden with for the past ten years. Eli has done many, many things for which he now realizes he must atone. He may burn in hell either way, but the King has told him that he has to try.

After he got his strength back, Eli traveled to Bridal Falls shocked the Temple by asking to serve as Dog. The Temple instructors shocked the Temple (and Eli) even further by saying yes.

Strong History


  • Acuity 5D6
  • Body 3D6
  • Heart 2D6
  • Will 3D6


  • I have a Murderous air 1d8
  • I am the King's mule (Dog Trait) 1d8
  • I was an Outlaw 1d10
  • I have Bad Habits 2d6
  • I'm a Gunslinger 2d10
  • I fight dirty 2d8
  • Yes, I ran with that gang, but I changed! 1d6
  • I don't care what folks say 1d6 (initiation)

Relationships (1d8 & 1d6 unused)

  • The Dogs are my punishment and my salvation 1d8
  • Sister Anna Patience: King works through her 1d6
  • My bastard daughter (un-converted): "I'm sorry" 1d4
  • The family my daughter's living with: "Hope they're better'n me" 1d6


  • My Coat: 1D6
Eli's coat is actually just his old leather duster -- Sister Anna told him it was lost, but it showed up in a package a few weeks before he was sent out as a Dog -- the duster is still there, but covered by patchwork cloth. It's not much to look at (Sister Anna is stone blind), but it's quite a wonder to touch.
  • Fine Rifle 2d6+1d4
  • Excellent Pistol 2d6+1d4
  • Big & Excellent Pistol 2d8+1d4
  • Bowie knife 1d8
  • Sleeve knife 2d6
  • Boot knife 1d6
  • Fine Silver flask, filled with whiskey/rye/whatever 1d4
  • Horse 1d6
Eli has spent more time on the trail than most folks have spent sleeping -- he doesn't like or hate it -- it's just the way things are. These days he doesn't even bother naming his horse.
  • Jar of consecrated earth 1D6
  • Book of Life 1D6

Character Sheets

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