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Sarah Moore TF: The Legend of Rudalak (Shard Shard TF #2)

Sara Moore asks for help finding out who had been kidnapping natives.

  1. [ ] Fight the Nemesis Army troops around the Cascade Archipelago.
  2. [ ] Rescue several natives who had been captured by the Nemesis Army.
  3. [ ] Liberate more captives from the Nemesis Army.
  4. [ ] Strike a Nemesis Army base and recover a letter to a 'General Fort' of the Nemesis army.
  5. [ ] Learn that Old Fred had been kidnapped by the Circle of Thorns. Rescue him.
  6. [ ] Returned to Paragon City and recovered the Rudalak book from Oranbega.
  7. [ ] Look for another group of natives who have been kidnapped. Rescue them from the Rularuu.
  8. [ ] Attack a Nemesis base and find that Nemesis had signed a treaty with the Rularuu.
  9. [ ] Begin a battle to stop the Nemesis Army from awakening Ruladak the Strong, by going to the first of four Seals.
  10. [ ] Secure the second seal.
  11. [ ] Secure the third seal.
  12. [ ] Go after the last seal.
  13. [ ] Battle the Nemesis Army to find the location of the 4th seal.
  14. [ ] Recover the seal and defeat General Fort.
  15. [ ] Enter Rudalak's lair and battle Ruladak the Strong.
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