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  1. Don't spend Influence on level 5 or level 10 enhancements. The levels come and go so fast that you out grow them quickly, wasting the Influence. Select the powers at the appropriate levels and slot the ones you want slotted at the appropriate levels, but never spend influence to fill those slots. Rely on drops off of the villains. Do this all the way to Security Level 12.
  2. At Level 12, upgrade all slots to Level 15 TRAINING. The level 15 enchancements are useful, but levels in the mid teens still go by very quickly, and Dual Origins are considerably more expensive than Training. Save your Influence. After saving up your Influence up to Level 12, you should be able to update ALL your slots to level 15 Training Origins.
    • Aside from the initial cost of upgrading to DO's at level 12, there is a hidden cost -- upgrading those 15's to 15+ ad 15++. This is extremely costly because you will be getting NO help from the game at all -- you simply WILL NOT see DO's drop from defeated mobs until at least level 16 to 17, and even then, they are RARE. If you simply can't hold off getting DO's for some 'key' power (like a tank's defense powers), limit yourself to *just* that power.
  3. Continue using drops to bump your enhancement levels up to 17(15++). This gives you 5 levels (12th to 16th) to save up money to purchase Level 20 Dual Origins. At level 17, you should be able to upgrade about 95-98% of all Training Origins to Dual Origins, including (if necessary) upgrading the plain old Training-grade Enhancements that do not have Level 20 Duals available in regular stores (To Hit Buffs, etc).
  4. Once you have your DO's purchased at level 17, you'll be able to again use villain drops to them up to 21 and 22 as you go; save your Influence for the upgrade to level 25 DO at Level 22 (yes, you can get SO's at this point, but you're not going to for the exact same reasons you didn't move immediately to DO's at level 12). By the time you reach Level 27 and make the switch into Single Origin Enhancements, you should be able to manage Influence issues fairly well, if you're stingy, and the game will actually be giving you SO's from villains.
    • Note on upgrading: some folks like to wait until one level AFTER they can upgrade their Enhancements, so that they can combine their enhancements instead of overwrite them -- that's fine in some cases -- for me, there are always some key enhancements that I cannot bear to see drop to 'white', let alone 'yellow'... in most cases, that means I immediately upgrade, at the bare minimum, Accuracy Enhancements, whatever 'defense' stuff I have, and any Endurance Recovery stuff I have. The rest can wait, if it has to.
      • Note on Enhances and Respecs: You can respec and sell all your old tired enhances at full price, then upgrade them to all new enhances after the respec. This makes upgrading your enhances essentially FREE. (I don't believe that's true; I think the price you get for selling during respec is half the purchase price, just like normal.)
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